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  • Save time. A lot of time.

    Manually going through your 13 hour stream sucks. Let HeroStream run through it and get ready-made clips to share on Twitter or Instagram.

  • No large file download

    No need to download your full stream. No need to have it fail in the middle and start all over again. Just drop a link from your VOD to HeroStream

  • No setup needed

    No stutter, lag or complicated setup. The HeroStream algorithm takes no resources away from your game.

  • No matter how many people are watching

    If you have 0 or 100.000 viewers, HeroStream will clip the moments that you like. The algorithm learns what you want and gets smarter every day.

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Supported Games

  • Valorant

    Audio & video algorithm ready

  • Fortnite

    Audio & video algorithm ready

  • PUBG


    Algorithms are ready to test

  • CS:GO

    Coming soon

    Collect data and train algorithms

    in progress
  • League of Legends

    Coming soon

    Collect data and train algorithms

    in progress
  • More games

    Coming soon

    Collect data and train algorithms

    in progress

Example Compilations

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a demo?

Yes. You can submit one video for free before signing up.
Message hello <at> if you want a longer trial

How do you find highlights?

The HeroStream algorithm looks for interesting scenes in the video and listens to the audio track of your VOD. Depending on many different signals it decides when a highlight clip should be created and how long it should be.

Which services are supported?

You can submit videos from Youtube or Twitch. Let us know if your videos live somewhere else

What if I'm unsatisfied with the results?

At the moment HeroStream works best with a small selection of games. See above which games are ready. You can test a few videos to see the quality of our clips. Your feedback will help HeroStream learn and improve every day.

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?

Because they're so good at it.

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